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Have you ever just given up?

Have you ever just given up on finding that "one"?

Some of you may have never considered finding anyone to settle down with, depends on where your life is at. In that case, have you ever just taken yourself out of the dating game?

Whether it's due to previous heartaches, constant rejection, busy lifestyle or simply losing hope, what was your reason?

For example, in my case, I have decided I need to take a break from it all (having my face stepped on multiple times, that is). Have had several long term relationships and finally, found a person who I made me happier than I had ever felt before (you know that person, when they laugh, you feel, if someone shot at them then and there you would take the bullet and die a happy person). Went on an overseas trip and considered buying a place to move in together, got dumped the first day we arrived, and haven't seen her since. Don't really want to feel that pain again.
I am currently on a dating hiatus, indefinitely. No plans to start anytime soon.
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Yes, I have in the past, or I am currently, but will think about it if something comes up.
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No, never, giving up is a weak choice.
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Have you ever just given up?
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