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How do I talk to him?

This guy looks at me all the time and I look at him all the time, but we have never spoken. I know, there is the common 'just talk to him' answer, but its not that easy. He's in two of my classes and does not sit next to me and is always with friends after class. So I don't really have an opportunity to talk to him after class.

I see him in the halls, alone, but I have NO idea what I'd say, I mean you can't just walk up to a stranger and say hey what's up hows it going...

I really really want to talk to him but he doesn't sit by me in any classes and looks at me quite a lot, but seems too shy to initiate conversation. What do you think I should do to talk to him?

PS. I'm shy, keep that in mind.
How do I talk to him?
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