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Is it too late to try again? Please help!!

In the beginning of October one of my guy friends told me that he had feelings for me. I felt the same way about him so I was super relieved that he made the first move. Well, the two of us hung all the time and things were going good considering the fact that I was holding back somethings for some reason. We slowly started to drift apart once both of our schedules for school and everything else got really busy and we just kind of stopped talking and I hated it so much. After awhile I just really started thinking about how much I missed him and being with him and it sucks so bad that everything changed without really a reason.

Well about a week ago I started my month long Christmas break which means that I won't get to see him for a really long time and for some reason makes me miss him even more. So yesterday I decided that I was going to text him and tell him that I miss talking to him and his response was " I miss talking, we haven't spoken to each other in awhile." and I said back "It really has been a while haha. I think that should change" and his response was "We can talk haha." and we just talked for a little bit but it was nothing too exciting and I haven't talked to him at all today. I really want to talk to him but the only things I want to talk to him about is why everything changed and how I regret not kissing him and just letting my guard down and acting like I actually wanted to be with him because I honestly feel like my lack of affection is what ruined everything. I don't know what to do now because I want to talk to him but I want to talk like we use to when we still had feelings. I don't know how to bring things up without sounding to eager or clingy.

I just don't know what I should do or if I should just give up on it all even though in my mind, he is exactly the kind of person that I want to be with. Help me please!
Is it too late to try again? Please help!!
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