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Should I show him I like him?

this guys I really like is like my best guy friend, he really does understand me. When I'm upset he knows just what to say, he tutors me in math, he compliments me (I told him I wanted to dye my hair and he told me he likes my darker hair), and he's just amazing. The thing is he's younger than me (I'm 17 he's 15) so it's weird because he's also my younger sister's friend. I found out he has a crush on someone but he told me he won't tell me who she is. He did tell however that it wasn't my sister or i, that was my "hint". He also told me this girl he likes hasn't given him any signs of liking him. Should I show him I like him? I honestly don't want to let this boy go, I've never met someone like him. Any advise on how to get him to like me?
Should I show him I like him?
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