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Is there hidden meaning behind his mixed signals?

I met this guy in my dance class. In this class we ended up with about 5 guys & 20 girls. Needless to say, the teacher stuck us in a huge circle, put 1 guy in between every 4 or so girls, & called “rotate” every so often so the girls would get a chance to dance with a guy partner.

* He’s been ready a couple times with a joke to open a conversation with.

* He usually asks me several questions like he’s curious.

* I always catch him staring at me in class from across the room & when I catch him, he does NOT look away. But when I get up to dance with him, he avoids eye contact & won’t look at me unless I’m looking away from him.

* One day I got the courage & asked him for his Facebook, unaware of how to advance things. He told me his first, middle & last name, then proceeded to spell out all 3 names- letter by letter (despite his first & middle name being very common names).

* I sent him my number over FB after suggesting that we should hang out, he said we should definitely, but he’s never attempted to use my number.

* During the middle of learning an “advanced step” in the Tango (that we were struggling with), not many girls approached him (we were able to pick partners this time), so I walked up to him to be his partner & when no one stepped up to him at the “rotate” command, he walked to the side of the room I’m usually on where there’s a hand sanitizer dispenser, got some & walked back to me. He then asked me if I wanted to try again. I agreed & we tried for a minute or two & then he looks up at the teacher & then said “maybe we should stop, it feels like we’ve been dancing for a while” & me & my word vomit came out with “is that a good thing or a bad thing?” & he just responds with “it just feels like we’ve been dancing for a while” so I said OK & he kinda just lingered next to me after that.

* The last tale I have to tell (and can fit in 3k characters) is the most recent one; I confessed to him. I walked up to him, said “hey, you’ve probably already guessed this, but I kind of like you”. He just stared at me for a good minute before I added “I’m not sure what else I could say, I didn’t mean to just throw this at you” & he kinda looked away for a few seconds & said “yeah… uhm… I’m not really looking for a girlfriend right now”. I simply responded with “ok, well, now you know so… ok” & I walked away.

Obviously there have been more events than these. And, even if he doesn’t want a girlfriend, I wasn’t trying to jump into a relationship; I just wanted to start things off hanging out outside of class, casually, as friends… I just don’t understand his mixed signals, even people in my class say they can “see” our chemistry & how we’re both visibly happier when we dance together.

My question is: What does all of this mean? Am I reading too far into *everything*? Is he just… shy? Unsure? Something?
Is there hidden meaning behind his mixed signals?
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