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Have I ruined it with her?

A girl I like found out through a friend (via Facebook) that I like her. She said to him that she wasn't interested, but I'm hoping she only said that because of the way she found out I like her. If I approach her myself like a confident man, will she forget the frankly childish way she discovered my feelings for her?

I'm 25, she's 21. We know each other, but were not what you would call friends. And my friend who told her that I liked her assures me that he dropped it casually into conversation, he didn't say; "my friend has asked me to tell you he likes you." According to him he said something like; "just found out a friend of mine like you, do you know (insert my name here).

So, basically, all I want to know is, have I ruined things for good, or is there still a possibility I could still win her heart?
Have I ruined it with her?
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