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A girl found out I liked her through my friend on Facebook...what now?

My friend got so sick of me being too shy to approach this girl that I like, he looked her up on Facebook and told her for me. Her response, unsurprisingly, was "I'm not really interested in him like that", or something to that effect.

From everyone that I've spoke to about this (about ten different friends, male and female), they have all pretty much said the same thing to me; "Just because she said she's not interested doesn't mean it's true, she probably just said that because she was put on the spot by my your friend and probably now thinks that you lack the confidence to approach her yourself.", which according to my female friends is a major turn-off and has probably damaged my credibility in her eyes!

So, realistically, my options are these;

1) She said she's not interested. I should take that on board, respect her decision, get her out of my head and move on. But this will involve ignoring her in the street as I have been doing up until now (as I've been too shy to approach her), which will be extremely pathetic now she knows how I feel, and will just confirm to her that I am as pathetic as she first suspected.

2) Or I should not give up. Now that she knows how I feel, I should use it as an ice breaker and just approach her to see if it goes anywhere, after all, I've got nothing to lose. Even if she still rejects me, she will hopefully have a higher opinion of me because I did have the confidence to approach her and laugh off my friend telling her what he did. If we stay on speaking terms afterward, who knows what might happen in the future.

Tell me what you think. Or if you have any other advice for me, I'd love to hear it. Many thanks.

P.S. Although I've been acting like one, I'm not actually a teenager, I'm 25 and the girl I like is 21.
A girl found out I liked her through my friend on Facebook...what now?
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