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Is it possible to attract a man after he's initially rejected you?

Yeah, I have a feeling it's wishful thinking on my part at this point, but I thought I'd ask it anyway.

I told him earlier this evening. We've been friends for a few years now. I basically did it with the intention that it would get it off my chest so I could spend my Christmas break from school dealing with the closure of some other issues that have come up and not festering over the easiest thing I could elevate myself from. I didn't ask him out, it was just a confession and I didn't really go into it expecting the best case scenario. I just wanted to get it off my chest.

He said he saw it coming, others may have as well, and at this point it's not mutual.


He admired my courage for doing what I did, and regardless, we're still friends, which is all I know I could ask for out of the situation. The parting joke was if he ever changed his mind, he knows where I am, he said I'd be the first to know. He was 100 per cent OK with me coming out like I did.

I feel a million times better than I've felt in months.

Having said that, being that I've had a bit of a dull night since, I can't help but begin to think if there still might be a chance. Like I don't plan on changing the way I treat him at all. He's still my friend, I've invited him along with mutual friends to hang out with my visiting sister to my apartment for dinner next week, and we left making our normal plans for the weekend. I just want to know, if there is anything I could possibly do just to spur his interest just a little, at least until someone equally as intriguing comes into my picture.

Suggestions anyone?
Is it possible to attract a man after he's initially rejected you?
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