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Why is he being so nice?

There's this guy I like, we've become friends and we talk to each other a lot in class, we don't text or skype each other or anything. I know there's a girl he likes and they text each other and stuff, but he's kind of stuck in the friend zone with her.

When we sit next to each other he'll snuggle up to me or he'll say something like "Yay you sat next to me today :)". Sometimes he'll see me messing around with my girl friends and say something I like "I wish you would...with me". I just brushed it off as being friendly.

We talk to each other a lot more around school now, he'll bump into me in the hallway and strike up a conversation or just start messing with me. He's goes out of his way to talk to me rather than just talking to me if I'm sitting next to him. I don't think he likes me, but why is he being so nice? I like it, but it makes me want to think he's interested :/

Why is he being so nice?
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