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What is he thinking? I honestly don't understand the male mind and could really use some help guys.

My best friend of several years asked me out this summmer. Not too long after we began dating he broke up with me. Something about not liking me that way/ worried as to what our dating would do to our friendship. (there have been several times where we have literally been all the other has) Since the break-up he barely talked to me. A couple weeks into the school year he texted me and told me that he had a date to his homecoming, then pressed to find out who I was going with, and what I was wearing and such. A few weeks after that I found out that he had asked the girl that he went to homecoming with out. They are still dating. But, since they started dating he has barely talked about her. He tells me that they've been dating a few months and only been on like 3 dates(by dates he means going over to the others' house) We went to a camp retreat this fall and he and I were inseperable, The first thing he did when he got to the grounds was to find me and give me a huge hug. As the weekend wore on people began asking if he and I were dating. his sister made some snide comment to our breakup and I left the room almost in tears. He gave me a minute, hunted me down and held me. Later that night we'd had a dance he slow danced with only me, while all the other 'couples' in the room had much space between them we had none, at one point his face was very close to mine, I think he almost kissed me, and when he thought I was out of earshot he said he said I love you to me. Now everyone from the camp is convinced we are dating. Since then he has made it a point to keep in touch with me. His siblings and him share a phone (due to lack of money in their household) yet whenever I text he seems to have the phone in his possesion, he never used to hang on to the phone at all. I got kicked out of my house fairly recently and one of my male friends helped me through it, the day after I told my friend and he just kept saying stuff like "i wish I could have been there", "you know if I could have been there I would have been" "I wish I could have been the one to hold you" "I'm so sorry, I wish I could have been there". I then told him that I was scheduled to have another surgery, and that one of my other guy friends would be there with me through that. Again he said: "I wish I could be there" "I'm so sorry I can't be there for you" "I really hope it goes well, I would be there if I could, you know that right? " In the middle of this convo he got Because off by crappy timing and had to go to church. he said to me " I'll text you as soon as it's over" He's not normally one to remember stuff like that, he only ever did when we were dating. Yet, at 9:00 I got a text from him and he proceded to make sure that I was OK, and that everything was OK. and Just be everything he's always been to me. I just don't understand. My friends say he's acting kind of jealous, but he's the one that broke it off...He's the one with a girlfriend now. What do you think is going through his mind
What is he thinking? I honestly don't understand the male mind and could really use some help guys.
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