Why does my crush and his team mate stare and act weird? And do I talk to him?

I meet my crush as a steel band performance at my university when I was talking to someone sitting next to him. He introduced himself to me. From then on I was hanging out with my friends and my friends notice that my crush and his team mates were staring at us. Further into the week my friend and I were talking about going to a poetry open mic night, when one of my crushes team mate walk our way while we were talk about leaving. When we arrived at the mic night we sat in the first row and a few min later my crush walk in. By the end of the mic night he stood by the door and made sure that he said bye to me. Ever since then every time we see each other we say hi to one another, and his team mates have been staring at me and my friends when we are around. I also recently told one of my best guy friends about my crush and he has recently been getting to know my crush and his team mates.

My question is how do I get to talk to my crush to get to know him without having an awkward moment?

Why would my crushes team mates be staring at my friends and I?

What does it mean when all of his friends stare and guys, when you know about you guy friends crush how do you act when their crush is around?

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His team mates only stare when he's there. And he always with his friends so I don't know how I will be able to talk to him without it being weird because I don't know the team very well. How could I get my guy friends to help me to talk to him, since my guy friends actually talk to my crush? Would it be strange if one of my other friends and I had dinner with my guy friend since he eat with the basket ball team?
Why does my crush and his team mate stare and act weird? And do I talk to him?
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