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I'm really confused... mixed signals? Guys, decode please? :-)

So there's this guy at work that I realllly like. Not the best place to develop a crush, I know, but I can't help it.

Anyway, I've only been working there for about three weeks, and in that time we've gotten pretty comfortable around each other. We joke around a lot, and throw sarcastic comments back and forth. Half the time, he'll come up to me all the time and we'll chat. Like one time last week when he wasn't even working, but was in to drop something off, I saw him walk in the direction that I went, pass the aisle I was in, peer over the bookshelf at me, and then backtrack back to where I was, and we talked for a bit. One of our female co-workers walked past us and said "excuse us guys", and he just continued to pay attention to me. He always says goodbye to me when I leave, and he also throws in a "have a good night". But when we do chat, he's always the first to leave.

I've been told before that I would be able to somewhat tell if he's interested in me more than a friend judging by the way he treats other people, but the thing is, he's friendly to everyone. Maybe he's sometimes a bit more sarcastic and jokey with me, but he still talks to, and is really friendly to everyone. The only thing that keeps me from being REALLY sad is knowing that I'm kind of the same way. I'm jokey and nice to everyone. Maybe a bit more sarcastic with him, but that's just cause it's my thing I do when I like someone. I tease them a lot sarcastically.

Then on our breaks we both went to get coffee, and he was joking around with the girls that work at the coffee place too... so now I'm confused, and I would like to know what the guys of GAG think. And maybe some suggestions of subtle things I could do to show him I like him? I just don't want to make things awkward.

Sorry this is a bit long. I almost started crying on my way home thinking about him possibly not liking me that way. Pathetic, I know.
I'm really confused... mixed signals? Guys, decode please? :-)
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