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Should I confront him? Please help!

(kina long sorry) OK so I have liked this guy for two years now. At the begining of the school year he started dating my friend and then I started started talking a lot and I started liking him even more. He acts like he likes me too. A guy friend of mine and a couple of girls I kinda know were talking to him about me and asking him if he was still dating my friend and he said he wasn't sure because they don't really act like they are dating. so they asked him if he liked me and he said I don't know maybe. then I was walking in the hall with me friend that he as dating and he told me he had tickets to a band we both like and asked if I wanted to go right in front of her. she said I want to go and he said I don't know how many tickets I can get. I'm just really not sure what to do about this any advice would be super helpful!
Should I confront him? Please help!
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