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How to reject a guy?

There is a guy courting me for over 4 years, may be 5 years , I don't know. He is really nice, and really care about me. I am not shallow , but he is fat, and he is just NOT My TYPE!

This relationship between us is a joke for others, everybody know that.He keep saying "Hi", And I keeping hiding.I just can't chat to him like what we used to after I realize he likes me!

He did TRY to tell me he likes me once, but I was too afraid and hiding in the school toliet, it freaked me out.

After years, we didn't talk much, but he just called me few days ago and tell me that he don't want to have any regret in high school, and he asked me if I ever like him or not, I just "um..' I tried to be more generous and apology about this, I sended a message to himand said thank you and sorry.

I though this should be END, but yesterday he just pulled me over and asked to take a photo with me!

He admited he still not give up, I thought I said everything CLEAR!He got no chance , and I just want to be fd with him!The only thing is, I want to help him get away from the pain , and tried not to break his heart, but he still don't get it!

Am I misunderstanding what he means, or I used the wrong way?! I just don't know wt 's guys thinking?! :-(
How to reject a guy?
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