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He's a tool, says his friends?

So I like this guy. He texted me one day and started asking me who I liked. I finally told him it was him. When I asked him why he wanted to know, he told me "Because I think you're cute :)" We kept talking and he told me "You're adorable <3" and I asked him if he was being a d**k and leading me on and he said "No I really think you're cute :)"

The other day he told me that I was cute again and started teasing me because I'm short, but then he said it was a good thing.

So I mentioned him to one of his friend and he was like "He flirts with anything that has a pulse." I asked what he meant and he told me "No offense, cause you're pretty, but he flirts with everyone." and now I'm starting to question what I should do.

She I tell him what his friend said and ask him about it?
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Well that's another thing.

The guy I was texting (guy 1) is good friends with the guy that told me he's a flirt (guy 2)

Guy 1 was texting me and telling me that he felt bad about liking me because guy 2 likes me too. He says that guy2 always gets mad because he finds out that guy1 happens to like the same girl and he always gets them
He's a tool, says his friends?
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