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I feel kinda rejected. Ladies can I get your opinion?

I met this cute girl who works as a lifeguard at a pool while I was coaching a sports team. She initiated small talk on the first day by mentioning her concern about one of the tiny kids who seemed cold. I smiled a lot and addressed her concerns but went back to doing my job. The next day I pass her by, smile, and greet her with "hi". She smiled, said "hey" and then turned to look away from me with the smile vanishing quickly. I thought that maybe she was shy or probably didn't want to seem too eager to be friendly due to the "chasing game". So finally the next day, after I am done coaching I approach her and strike up a conversation. I started by asking about her job...yada yada...basically we smiled and seemed to have a nice cheerful conversation. Then later I finally summed up enough confidence to ask her if she would like to hang out in town after our jobs. At this point she was in the pool attaching lane lines in. when I tried to call her attention by calling her name she didn't respond. I was one foot away...but maybe she couldn't hear, so I called her name again and this time I saw her turn her head and look at me from the corner of her eye, then turned her body and head away from me. I called her name four more times to make sure she heard me at least, and I got no response.

So my thoughts are: perhaps she isn't interested in me, she has a boyfriend, or perhaps her ears were clogged...

Either way my chest is a bit weighed down from my sorrow. Girls only please. If I wanted a guys opinion I wouldn't have asked on the internet, so girls only please.
I feel kinda rejected. Ladies can I get your opinion?
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