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I'm too nice then too mean to date?

Guys say I'm too nice and that's why they don't want to date me... o.O That being said, I've been trying to flirt a bit like my friend who always have guys flocking over her. I try acting more confident and come back with wittier comments. But lately when I do that guys call me out for being mean! I'm so confused! The stuff that I do isn't near as mean as what my friend does/says to guys but they eat it up.

Do get me wrong, we're not "mean" mean but for instance, she'll call out guys she barely knows for not paying enough attention to her and not spending enough on her and they grovel to get her attention but when I do it, they don't...

I'm just confused because I feel like guys never want me and when I'm nice, I'm "too nice" and not confident enough but when I''m confident, that's not good enough either.
I'm too nice then too mean to date?
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