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Why are guys always ignoring me?

ok. so, guys are ALWAYS ignoring me. like, they'll talk to me a little bit. for example, they'll say good mourning to me. then, I'd say it back. then, he didn't replay after that. then, I'd text saying hi and he didn't say anything til like the next day. OK. so, there's two of them that I'm currently texting. and like, I just asked to be funny did you chase a leprachon today? then, like an hour later I pput, just kidding how was your day? I don't usually put stuff like did you chase a leprachon today? my guy who's a friend just said to say that and I did. I usually say hi. well, one of the guys I know has a gf,but still, he says good mourning to me. didn't he reply when I said that? and why didn't the other guy hwo doesn't have a girlfriend reply to me when I said hi? I'm so confused. and like, I'm constantly trying to talk to guys. like, on the internet or on Facebook or on skype and most of the time, they jsut ignore me. even guys who I didn't know and walked up and said hi to just flat out ignored me. some said hi back, but didn't try to have a conversation with me. anyways, I need help with like what to talk about to a guy when I'm first meeting or getting to know them or whatever. I wanna know why they keep ignoring me. anyways, help me?
Why are guys always ignoring me?
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