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What do his texts mean?

ok so I have this male friend. I've known him for about 2 years now and we met while in college. I'm still in college (finishing up this year) and he's up in Canada working right now. When I first met him I really liked him but he told me that he didn't want a relationship because he knew he would be going away. Anyway, once he moved away he started to always text me. Everyday (morning/afternoon)! and it's always him starting the texts...He'll say 'hey' then 'whats up,' like he actually has something to tell me, but he never does. He'll ask me every morning what I'm doing even though it's always the same answer. He always recommends songs to me and has even drunk texted me a couple of times (not often though). He has told me twice that he feels lonely and that he had a dream with me in it where him and I travelled the world and went to tones of concerts. I guess I'm trying to make sense of everything...is he interested or something or being friendly? I think its odd

more info

-i know he's a very outgoing guy but definitely WASEN'T as outgoing before as he is to me now (i.e. I did not see him everyday nor text him-->suddenly its like WOAH text overload)

-he always texts me but dosen't really fb message me/msn even though he is on often

-i'll be visiting family in Canada (near him) this summer so I'll get to see him and he knows it (he started messaging me before he knew I'd be coming)
What do his texts mean?
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