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Super confused!!! guys help

background: OK so I'm 19 and when I was around 17 me and this guy went out for couple of days and my mom said I couldn't be with him so we had to break up.

recently my friend found his number and me and this guy been talking. he has a girlfriend of two yrs, and the first day I went to hang out with this guy he was supper sweet, and he is so perfect to me. so we was laying down to go to bed and he said " I don't plan I cheated on my gf" so I was like OK that's no problem I understand that. then he kissed me, and he said be been wanting to do that for a long time and then other things happened.

he said it was the best ever, and he was talking about breaking up with his gf.

but I asked couple days later how he felt about me and he said "idk".

but he keeps kissing me, and laying on me and saying he misses me, calling me pretty, asking to hang out.

so I don't know what the deal is does he like me, am I in friend zone, I don't know but I really like him

{fyi, only did it that one time so I don't think is because he wants that}
Super confused!!! guys help
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