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Should I wait for it....or go for it?

OK so it's kind of a stupid question but I've been pulling at my hair trying to decide anyways. This guy that I've been friends with for a year and kinda sorta really fell in love with ended up playing with my emotions...and really in the end hurting the trust I'd given him and me. I feel like it's been going on a lot longer then he says and many other people both male and female seem to have this problem with him as well...he just seems to be really good at and has no problem messing with everyone's emotions. Any ways we finally had the talk and he apologized for not liking me back, for liking someone else and for not telling me about him knowing sooner..really it wasn't that that upset me you know..and I can't believe he didn't see what it really was..he said we should just be friends and I agreed and it's taken a while but he finally said hey and we had a decent exchange today. I really like talking to him though and we use to text a lot..I'd told myself that I was going to wait for him to text because if he wanted to talk to me then he'd of done it right..but at the same time I just wanna send it out...should I wait for him...or just do it..I feel like if I do it's in a way jumping back and saying you can do this and I'll just run back to you..but that's stupid...right?...Thanks to anyone who answers!
It's fine just go ahead and text him
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Wait for him if he wants to then he will
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Should I wait for it....or go for it?
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