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Single again...how can I meet new girls?

A week ago, I broke up with my girlfriend of almost two years. We really loved each other but excluding the first day of the breakup (which really got me!), I took this calmly since it was expected - we were fighting a lot due to an age difference and lack of communication. But as I said, I had a lot of support from friends and from day two, I was already much better and without a drop of alcohol in my mouth (actually, I can say that I was over the relationship even before it ended).

Since I'm a sensitive guy, I decided to erase all bad memories and store the good ones in a special place of my heart. But I know that if I stay alone and start dwelling on thoughts, it will get me eventually and I will start crying and hurting again. So I'm encouraging myself to see the good side of life and stay on edge - I'm working out at home, going out as much as I can, trying to get good grades in University etc.

And for me, the positive side is...I'm free again! Even before my ex, I was a shy guy and didn't get many experiences with girls. But this relationship changed me a lot for the better: I'm more confident, don't care what others think and also I'm more social than I ever was. But still, I don't have experience when it comes to dating! I still find it hard to just walk up to a girl and ask for her number! I already have a few girls that I found interesting in mind, but to put it simple: I don't know where to start!

So, girls and guys, I'd like some helpful advice to get my bearings in the singles world! How can I start again after all this time with one person? I want to note that I'm not ready for a long-term relationship again, I just want to date and have fun, so please, go on with this on your mind! Thank you!
Single again...how can I meet new girls?
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