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Confused..need help plsss ?

OK this might get really long but I'd really appreciate if you take the time the read it and hopefully reply to it :)

anyway I have been going out with this girl. we broke up once a few months ago because she kept talking about her ex bfs and all the other guys who ask her out and stuff. it was really annoying and well I am also moving away soon, so I thought breaking up was a good idea..and like a week after we broke up, she rang me and she asked me if I would take her back, that she misses me and stuff. I still liked her so we got back together(I m not sure if that was a good thing to do). Anyway now, since we got back together, things seem really different between us. she says her exams are coming up so she is busy and stressed but she never makes time for me.. like she never calls me or asks if I want to hang out and stuff. I got tired of always having to be the one to make first contact so I also stopped trying..and the other day I finally asked her if it will be a good idea to end the relationship as it seem like she don't have time for relationships. and she was like no I don't want to break up. I really love you. so we are still together..and she told me that she don't call cause I work nights and I have really weird sleep timings.. but she haven't called me once after that. I tried calling her once and she didn't answer. and later she text me saying she was busy. she texts me sometimes before she goes to bed saying she loves me and misses me a lot.. and I am like then why the hell don't you call or hang out! of course I didn't say that to her.

anyway, I am really confused now. I have no clue what I am supposed to do. I don't want to hurt her again and break up with her but I kinda have a feeling she isn't serious about this and I also, will be much happier if I go back to being single(if things don't get better).

thanks for reading :D
Confused..need help plsss ?
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