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He ignores me and won't look at me?

What reasons would a guy ignore you? I know this guy who ignores me, at one point he would say hello and goodbye. But whenever we are in a group he will ignore that I'm there and never make eye contact and if I spoke to him he would never look at me and would give me abrupt quick answers. Like for instance he would ask my friends a question such as 'are you coming to the pub' but would not ask me. Anyway we kissed and did stuff with each other. (how that came about I won't even go into) anyway after that has happened he ignores me even more. I feel him looking at me and he does it slyly sometimes but yeah he still ignores me and doesn't make eye contact. He doesn't seem to have this problem with other girls that are there. what's his problem do you think? Does he not like me? He seemed to enjoy it when we were kissing, if you know what I mean. But it's not like he's just ignoring me after what happened, he did it before it's just worse now. (we were both sober when we kissed as well)
He ignores me and won't look at me?
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