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Why guys ask your number but never call back?!

OK, I don't want to sound big headed or anything but just so you guys can get the picture...

I usually always get a lot attention from men, they are always dying to ask me out...I've done modeling before..When I go out everyone asks and thinks I am a Brazilian model...Some people even want their pictures taken with me...but what ever, the only reason is so you guys can get my question a bit better...

i met a pretty attractive bartender the other night...He was not brad pitt or anything but decent looking...he stared at me the whole night, watched every single move I did...even went out side to look what I was doing when I went for a cigaret...anyhow, later on that night I went to the bar to get some drinks...he asked me if I was OK to drink those shot as I was a little tipsy( not so much) and asked me if I needed help since there was so many shots...he helped me to my table and asked if I came around often...then asked for my number...he got my number and I said "bye bye, call me"lol! its been 4 days and no call back? I mean, I try not to come on too strong either...why do men do this? this has happened to me a few times actually...guys, why do you think this is?
Why guys ask your number but never call back?!
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