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Can't stop day dreaming about this guy, what to do next?

It sounds lame, but I really want to get to know this guy a lot more. I live in PA and we worked together for a year, I had a boyfriend at the time and wasn't ready to date when we did break up. This guy would flirt with me a little and we would joke around with each other. I kept it casual because I wasn't over my ex. He never knew I actually liked him. I moved 3 hours away about 5 months ago, and he started face book messaging me, and he gave me his number, I'm not sure why he waited this long to talk to me but I'm glad he decided to anyways. We texted all last week and now its kind of slowed down, its been 5 days and I haven't heard anything from him. He told me how he always noticed me and how he thought I was beautiful and if he ever come there we can hang out. OK so the thing is now I'm actually moving back there (for a job) and I told him I might be and he didn't respond. I keep thinking about him and wondering what to do, I don't want to seem clingy so I haven't text him but I just want to talk to him lol. What should I do?
Can't stop day dreaming about this guy, what to do next?
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