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She has a boyfriend but tells me she wants to break up with him?

So I asked this girl out , she said yes

we talked for about 6 hours on the date :p

but halfway trough she said :" I know I should not be telling this or be talking about it now : but I'm currently in a relationship... yeah.. but I don't fee also good in it , I want to quit him , but only after exams , otherwise he might have bad exams because of me. I kissed a guy from work , although I'm not interested in him , but he opened my eyes about my current relationship. But I do feel kind of bad , I would never never cheat on someone "

this was a very very very bad moment , not only did she had a boyfriend , but she told me about her problems with it , you could say that's positive , but I immediatly felt really friend-zoned.. :( we did talk about being honest , and we agreed to be both really honest people so maybe that's why she started talking about it...

she gave lots of positive body language ( Think we looked in each others eyes for about 5 and a half of the 6 hours ha ha :D , she did the leg changing thing a lot and she laid with her hair )

she said we should go out together after exams , and later that night she said we must go to a non-smoking bar next time ( for me because I'm a non smoker)

so without that part about her boyfriend and that other guy - I would have considered it a great date , but now I'm really confused... and I kinda physically hold back after I knew she had this deal with er boyfriend ...

so what do you think about this : am I 10 000 miles into friend zone already ? (Although I've only talked to her twice for a short time before asking her out on this first that , so we aren't really friends )

what should I do now ?

I just feel really bad and confused right now... :(
She has a boyfriend but tells me she wants to break up with him?
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