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It still feels like she likes me

We've known each other for a couple of years. She had a boyfriend the whole time, and for a long time. That didn't stop her from flirting with me and having that "banter" that people who like each other have. I honestly never felt more sure that a girl liked me. Anyway, because she was taken, I didn't want to get involved, so I kept my distance.

A few months ago her boyfriend dumped her. I noticed something weird came over around that time: she got flirtier with me. So I asked her out, but she rejected me. She didn't say no, she just kind of evaded it and never brought it up again (so basically a no).

After that, she still flirted with me, but I got frustrated that it wasn't going anywhere; as a result, I completely distanced myself from her.

So these past few months we haven't talked much. I saw her around at a couple parties, but we didn't talk, and I saw her around in the halls. She's said she hasn't seen me in a while; I just tell her I've been busy and I continue walking.

I would let this go, but I can't help but feel there's something there that's still left to mine. There's been girls where I know it's not gonna happen so I just move on; but with this girl it feels different. It feels like there is something there.

Maybe I'm imagining it and I'm stupid; after all, during all this time we haven't talked, she's been talking with other guys (though not flirting to the extent she did with me). I've been talking to other girls. But I can't help but feel something for her
It still feels like she likes me
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