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What would be my next move from here?

Please take time to read, someone?

Ok boy I met walked me home shared our first kiss outside my front door. Things were going well and he asked me to text him. Was just moving to University, so conversation was limited. He would never text first unless he knew I was around or was confident with a drink in him. We met a couple of times on Saturday night when I was home and would go to friends after parties. However he soon let me know he could be moving to Australia soon. By this time it was too late, I'd already fallen for him. However lately he's kind of cut off communication with his friends due to an arguement and also I've not spoke to him in a month. He gave me a few signs that he likes me, and now he's moving in a months time. What should I do? I want to talk to him! Do you reckon he'd meet me if I asked? He goes on the 21st of January and I'm going to miss this guy :( I already do and that's me just back home for Christmas. I have 21 days to tell him just how I feel. Please help?
What would be my next move from here?
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