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Guys, why do you act hot and cold to a girl?

So one day, you're flirting with her and staring deep into her eyes. You also have this gentler voice and charming smile.

Then a few days later, you act like a jerk to her. I kind of teared up since it was 'that time of the month'. He saw and kind of looked sorry. But the day after he acts like an even bigger jerk, and glares at me as though he hated me. For a few days he fails to make eye contact with me and his replies were blunt and quite rude in a manner. But the day before it was holidays, (we weren't going to see each other for a while) he smiled at me and kept looking at me from a distance and we did make eye contact.

What is the matter with him? Is he just playing with my feelings, or does he genuinely like me? Guys, do you often do this?

This is a full-grown experienced man I'm talking about.
Guys, why do you act hot and cold to a girl?
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