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Direct approach? Or Small Talk Approach?

Long story short, I went to talk to my crush tonight I'm hopes of getting to know her a bit and maybe even ask for her number, however when I went to talk to her some customers came into her store, so I hesitated and left without saying a word.

This is the third time it's happened as she works in a busy store, tonight I even tried waiting till she was closing the doors so no customers would come in, but that didn't work.

Im wondering if it would be appropriate next time I see her at work and be direct (ish) and say something like 'so I know this is a bit forward, and it's not how I initially planned but would you like to catch up and see a movie sometime?'

Or should I keep trying at the small talk approach?

I haven't spoken to her before, but I know she has at least noticed me.

Also if you have any other advice please please feel free to share, I need it.
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Cheers for all the help, hopefully I get an opportunity where I can use small talk soon :) because it's getting a little frustrating atm lol, everyone one keeps saying don't wait to long, etc. Yet the only way I could approach up until now is by doing it in front of customers or coworkers.

But Cheers for the help
Direct approach? Or Small Talk Approach?
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