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Should I stay away from him or talk to him?

Ok, so this guy and I met at work, he said he likes me . He asked me out a couple of times before but it never happened . every time we see each other we make out. The thing is that I like him too and I think I have feelings for him but he said he wants to take his time because of the age difference between us. So basically, I am not his girlfriend but it's so obvious that he's physically attracted to me. He asked me to come to his house before and I refused saying that I need to get to know him better before I come to his place. every time I ask him about our relationship he doesn't answer. . Anyways, I decided to stay away from him and move on and see what he's gonna do. In the beginning, he used to come and talk to me but I don't feel like he came for me, he just comes to get what he wanted. I kept ignoring him. We randomly run into each other at work and just say hi, sometimes we dont. A couple of weeks ago, he asked me to go out with him after work. Knowing that I'll have to stay more 10 minutes he left and didn't wait for me ! He texted me the next day asking me to come over to his place to watch a movie. And when I refused, he said that I'm getting him wrong. The weeks after he totally changed, he looks so sad, he keeps staring at me with frustration. He didn't talk to me , but I can tell that he's angry. If he sees me talking to a guy he gets jealous. I'm sure he likes me but all we do is make out, most of his text messages are about kisses and...He doesn't know many things about me. Should I stay away from him or talk to him?
Should I stay away from him or talk to him?
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