Why don't guys hit on me?

I'm an attractive woman (I model time to time), 31 & at 5'10" I am 160lbs (a size M to L), 36DDD-29-35. I have long black hair, blue eyes, & am generally considered attractive. I do have 2 large tattoos (neither one a tramp stamp) and usually hang around metal heads, punks, and geeks, 3 groups I identify with. I like to wear low-cut tops and jeans normally and dresses/skirts in the summer. In short, these are the things a stranger would see without knowing anything about my personality. I never get hit on in the real world, only online, and it's been this way since I was a teenager. My friends say it's because I'm intimidating but I suspect this is bullsh*t. Is it the height? The tattoos?
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The original profile picture I had on here was from a modeling shoot- I was in costume, not smiling. I selected it primarily to show my tattoo. I've switched to a picture that shows me how I am more often.
Why don't guys hit on me?
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