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Girls & Guys: "I'll think about it"...

I asked this guy if he wanted to go for coffee (we're on a first name basis and we've talked a few times) and he said, while smiling, "I'll think about it" (with his hands behind his head)

I have to admit the timing wasn't that great because we were in a busy hallway and it was right before the beginning of the final exam period.

The other detail I should mention is that during this last term I had a job where he was a "student" of mine (no - I am not a professor or anything of the sort, and I was in no way involved with any of his grades or marking any of his work, and I'm not super old or anything - I'm also an undergrad, and this job finished in late November)

So I responded with "Yeah...maybe after exams.." (knowing that at this time of the year finals are like the main thing on students' minds) And he said "Yeah I really have to study but I'll see you around".

In this case I can understand if he does want to *think about it* given this unique situation and the fact that I definitely caught him off guard. This is what I thought initially, but of course I kept on thinking about it and now I'm not so sure..

SO: girls, in your experience, when a guy says this does it mean no? or guys, when you say this does it mean no?

Bonus question: if I find out the answer is a no, what do I say to retain my dignity?!

Thanks for reading & answering!

Girls & Guys: "I'll think about it"...
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