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I'm so confused with this guy...Please read.. :(

Me and this guy, who I was best friends with, got into a huge fight last year. It all started because I gained a crush on him. When he found out, he become so rude. He made fun of me, talked bad about me, & was so immature. I added to the problem by being stupid to get his attention, and that turned into a huge war. By the end of the year, me and him went our separate ways, I thought ..

A month before school ended last year, he was acting weird. He was holding doors for me, always staring at me and leaving me alone after all the things he said and did. I was so confused, and then summer came and I had not seen him at all.

We started high school this year, and my luck his locker is right beside mine. All his older friends are there, so whenever I'm at my locker him and his friends are STARING AT ME. Just the other day, he blocked me on Facebook, and were not even friends on it. Why now? He always cuts me off, stares at me, tries to get my attention but still doesn't talk to me and is not completely nice. Some days, he acts like I don't exist and then I'm his focus the next. I still have feelings for him, so seeing him everywhere and seeing him look at me does NOT help. I don't understand what he is doing or wants, I ignore him and he tries to come around me more. If he hates me, or doesn't like me, why is he doing this to me? It is killing me :(
I'm so confused with this guy...Please read.. :(
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