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Guys: do you like to make girls wait?

I have a guy that I've been interested in for quite sometime. I gave him my number a few months back, but he never called. He told me it was because he had a girlfriend. I backed off, but all I seem to think about is him. I didn't see him for a month or so, and when I finally went to see him, he seemed happy to see me and told me to come around more often So of course, I have been coming around more often, and now he makes it a point to stop me and talk to me. He's been stressing my name, locking eyes with me, and went out of his way to climb through a window and give me a hug. We have 10-15 minute conversations, only because he's at work so we don't have much opportunity. Before, he would lock eyes with me, and smile at me, but never touched me. He's showing me all the signs that he likes me, but will not enforce a way to talk to me outside of his job. I've read that men like to make girls "wonder" so they test us to see how patient we can be. I'm thinking either A: he's testing me, or B: he's not completely over his girlfriend/ex girlfriend who I'm assuming he's apparently no longer with. I keep having dreams of him, and everyday I can't wait to see him. He's in my head all day long. I've even tried talking to other guys, but still he's in my head. There is obvious connection here, and I want this, but I'm not sure he does and its driving me nuts. so guys, do you like to make girls wait and wonder about you?
Guys: do you like to make girls wait?
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