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Should I talk to him even if he has a girlfriend now?

Please be nice in commenting. I am having a really rough time right now.

I had a thing with a guy for 2 years: 2008-2010 but I broke it off because I was so scared to have my heart broken. He didn't want to stop what we had but we still stopped. (I know, it's my fault.) After about a month of no contact, I realized how stupid I was and wanted to get back with him. I told him about this but he didn't want to get back with me anymore. This was because of another girl but he didn't tell me that. I just found out from a friend.

Now, it's been almost a year and I still haven't moved on completely. I swear I have been doing everything possible for me to stop thinking about him. I've dated, picked up a hobby, I even went on an exchange student program just to get my mind off him. Nothing works. When I don't see him, I get the feeling that I have moved on but when I see him, I go back to phase one and reset all my progress. I still want to hug him and talk to him and get him back.

We have the same circle of friends and so I still see him occasionally but we don't talk to each other anymore. I tried to talk to him once but it seems like he doesn't want to talk to me so now I avoid talking to him as much as possible.

He also has a girlfriend now who I can see he loves and so I try to distance myself from them because I don't want to get in between them.

Would it be better if I tell him of these feelings or just to keep these to myself? I don't know what to do because I'll hurt someone either way: me or his girlfriend.
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I have been dating but I can't seem to find someone I like. I try so hard to like them but still, I push them away.
Should I talk to him even if he has a girlfriend now?
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