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Signals from someone you don't remember?

Have you ever seen someone that you thought was attractive and they were smiling and giving you eye contact, and waving, etc. to only find out that you've met them before, and they were just recognizing you?

This happened to me twice, I got on the subway, saw I girl that was really cute, she give me eye contact, and I also remember her trying to looking at me through a reflection in the glass. I thought this was going to be a good signal for me to approach, so I told myself as soon as this old lady that is sitting next to her gets up, I will sit down and talk to her. So she gets up and the girl waves at me and smiles (and I'm like oh hell yeah), and I sit down, and the girl says "i know you from somewhere, through (mutual friend name), right?" and I think for a second, and remember that we met a few days ago briefly at a friend's party, and she is hanging out/dating my friend.

Another instance is at school I saw a really cute Asian girl, smiling at me and staring, and she approached me and reminded me she was my friend's girlfriend that I haven't seen a while, lol.
Signals from someone you don't remember?
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