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What can I do to flirt with these girls?

OK so my Dad has a cafe-bar where I work as a waiter. Before anything else, I'd like to say that I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years, and while I'm not that sad, my flirting skills are rusty at best. Since I had stress issues, I visited a psychologist a couple of months ago and she also helped me get over many insecurities and handle lack of confidence when it shows up. Anyway, on to the topic...

There is a group of four girls that come to my workplace every now and then. Two of them are really attractive but I only started noticing today, the first time I saw them after I broke up. Today, an old colleague of mine I really get along with came back to work for an 'emergency', so I was already feeling positive and confident (he is also my dad's friend and often cheers me up/shares advice about girls, since he is succesful). Anyway, as I said, the girls came today for coffee! When I brought them their orders, I smiled and greeted them kindly and with my most confident voice, and I believe they were looking at me and chatting about me. At one point, one of them spilled some coffee on the floor, so I went to mop it, but since the spill was under one of the girls' legs, she raised them a bit so I could reach the spill (sexy, I know) and jokingly asked me to hurry up because her abs wouldn't hold much longer. I smiled back and told her this is a good exercise (I don't know what I was thinking, kinda lame!).

Well, it might be lust or enthusiasm, but I felt my heart beat so hard for the first time after a year. For as long as they stayed - it might be just my idea, don't know- I believe I caught a few glimpses from her and her cute friend! Now she is stuck in my mind all day long and I plan on doing something about it.

Thing is...what? If they were drinking alcohol, I could simply buy them a round of shots, but I can't imagine them drinking vodka after a cappuccino! As I said, it doesn't come as too natural to me, and I'm afraid I may say something lame as I did today to the poor girl. But I don't like hesitating either, since I always regret it later. Luckily, they'll most probably come again!

What do you suggest?
What can I do to flirt with these girls?
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