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How can I calm my nerves and seal the deal on this?

I met this girl a couple of months ago at a party. I liked her A LOT, right from the start, but didn't flirt or anything at first. The same week I met her, I ran into her two more times randomly. The third time, I could tell she definitely liked me too, but I was really shy and didn't act on it.

About a month went by, and I just randomly asked for her number off Facebook chat one day, and she gave it to me. I invited her to a party like a week later, but she had plans. A couple of weeks went by and I didn't talk to her at all. Then one day, I'm on Facebook, and she messaged that she has a new number. I text her mine, and she tries to have a conversation, but I just let it end awkwardly because I couldn't think of anything to say lol =/...

She kept on trying to text me, and I kept on being horrible at it lol

Anyways, I grew some balls and asked her to hang out finally. I invited her to a party. She replied inviting me to a different party, and I declined because there was somebody there I didn't think I'd get along with. Well, I end up showing up anyway really late in the night. She was excited to see me, but I was stricken with a sudden fit of shyness and was sort of quiet and distant with her.

We met up at a couple of other parties that week, and finally we started REALLY hitting it off. No more shyness from me. I was my normal, rock-star self. She liked me A LOT. You could see it pouring out of her eyes. She texted me at 4AM one night, just to say hi. But apparently she'd been talking to another guy too, and ended up with a short-lived relationship with him.

As soon as she broke up with the other guy (it lasted like 10 days), she started talking to me again. We partied and hit it off pretty well again, but she had to leave early. I texted her for like an hour after she left, and we decided we'd hang out when she got off work the next day.

When we met up, I started being really awkward and nervous, and I don't know why! I was obviously in the clear for SOME KIND of simple intimacy... but I kept freezing up.

That was like a week and a half ago, and we Haven't talked much since... I'm terrified that she's lost interest. I REALLY like this girl.

I'm really inexperienced with girls for my age, but I'm not a shy dude usually. Not to brag, but I know I'm really good looking, I'm really funny, smart, and tend to be sort of the life of the party. How can I calm my nerves and seal the deal on this? And do I still have a shot, after such a long, drawn out start?
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Do I need to make my move ASAP? The thing has already cooled off, so if I wait a little longer, does that matter at all?
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I definitely re-sparked it :) And I lost the 12 year old mindset lol... so the future looks good! Thanks very much everybody! Wish I could select multiple best answers =/
How can I calm my nerves and seal the deal on this?
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