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How to lower standards?

So I never gave guys that hit on me with cat calls the time of day because that's disrespectful to approach someone like that.After a while I guess they could tell I wasn't that kind of girl because now guys don't approach me that way I don't know why,I'm the same person I act&dress the same the only difference is I'm more confident.Guys approach me or I approach them by saying hi and we have a good conversation but he'll never ask for my number.Before guys would just say hey 'can I get your name and number' but it would be too aggressive and when I ignore id get cussed out..the only problem with the guys I think are attractive are that they are taken..and ones I've had a good convo with I don't know if they are single but they smoke and that's a deal breaker...why don't nice attractive single guys exist..maybe I should wait til I'm out of hs which will be soon
How to lower standards?
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