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Why do I have feelings for this girl?

this girl and I were boyfriend and girlfriend for not even 3 months, close; 2months 3 weeks. I will not lie, I have really bad insecurity problems and I took it out on her. I wasn't a good boyfriend; I did anything I could to spite her and eventually she dumped me. it's been almost two months since we've split and for some reason I can't get her off my mind. I am a guy who never tries with girls like I did to get her. I usually stop thinking about a girl I like and get over her in like a few weeks, and simply be friends or acquaintances with them. but for some reason I still have strong feelings for this girl. I mean why do I? she was into me first, I wasn't into her first, I started liking her, she was simply my friend before that. and we didn't do much wen we were together, really we made out like twice and kissed her on the cheek sometimes, and the usual cuddling. that's it on the physical level. I don't just want her back because of the physical, my feelings are telling me I want her for more, but for some reason, I just can't let go. a few weeks of heart break is fine, but for me two months after the break up and I still can't get her out of my head, I think about this girl everyday and I mean everyday ever since the break up, and I tried talking back to her, and she told me she doesn't like me like that anymore and just give her space. of course that means she doesn't want me in her life anymore. the saddest part is, she lives down the street, so if I ever bump into her, which I haven't yet, the outcome will hurt me even more. I mean I shouldn't care right? I don't know, I'm a confused teenage boy and I don't know who else to turn to. Please some one tell me why do I still really like this one girl?
Why do I have feelings for this girl?
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