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Am I going overboard?

Me and my ex of 6 months now have an odd relationship. He told me he misses us and how we used to be best friends and he thinks that us dating ruined things for us. He also says, however, that he is glad we dated because it made him a better person. No though he never texts or even acknowledges me.

He found another girl and has completely moved on (at least that's what I think). I am close with his family and they all love me and want me to get back together with him, so its hard for me to give up on him.

When I told him I was getting him a Christmas present he was all confused. I told him remember that I promised and he said yea... but now do I have to get you something? I text him every now and then asking how he is.

Am I being annoying, clingy, and just pushing him away more? Should I just treat him like nothing and if we really are meant to be together like his family wants things will happen?
Am I going overboard?
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