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Need some advice on what to do - ex girlfriend friend of my ex gf's new boyfriend friend! :s

This is gonna sound crazy... anyway, I have been broken up with my ex for a year. I am cool about it all now and can happily see her with her new fella. I'm just done!

A dilema happened last Friday. Was out with my friends having a drink and bumped into the ex girlfriend of the friend of my ex's new bf! And she is also the friend of my ex's new fella!

We got chatting. She said she recognised me and didn't know who I was. I asked was she ***... she was pretty cool about things. Asked how I was etc and just basically had a good chat and for a while. she invited us to come along to a club she was heading to but we declined as we had other plans.

The following day I thought it would be OK to FB message her... something alone the lines of "what a coincidence. it was very nice chatting with you I really thought you'd have been a lot different. And yea, cheers for hearing me out".

There was some drama between my ex, her best friend and her new fella and I was dragged into it, this happened about 3 days prior to bumping into this girl... my ex started slinging sh*t around that I was constantly harassing her, wouldn't leave her alone and was abusive to her. Also telling people I was sleeping with certain people... basically, really being a right bitch! Now the messed up thing is this; I NEVER harassed her, never abused her and haven't slept with any of people she mentioned. What I found out she said really hurt someone I know and obviously pissed me off so I messaged people she told all this crap to and also people who we both share friendships with and told them straight and left it at that. I won't go into it but this girl was one of these people on the message list!

So she replied to my first message and for 2 days we got to know each other a little via

fb. No bullsh*t, just chatting about everything. She said she was surprised, pleasantly. Obviously from what she heard about me and from spending a little time with me it wouldn't have taken Einstein to work out that my ex was merely spreading nasty rumours and trying to slag my character.

So yea, she asked what I was up to last night, where I was going etc. She also has my number and said we'd meet up for a chat before she left. I am a little thrown back because 1) I never thought we, I mean my exs new fella's friend and I would ever like each other and 2) I never had any intentions of liking her at all!

I would like to actually get to know her, she too went through a miserable break up and also similar kind of ex partner. A nut job basically and we've both been single similar amount of time.

Is there a problem with meeting her and so what if we liked each other? She is only friendly with this guy (exs new fella) purely because she had a rel with his friend.

This all sounds like a soap opera! But I am serious. How would I proceed with this so it's done over a good period of time. She leave soon and will be back in may and I would like to get to know her over this time just not sure how!


Need some advice on what to do - ex girlfriend friend of my ex gf's new boyfriend friend! :s
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