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What does this sign mean or...?

So I had a friend that I met him at work. I no longer work there but because we happen to exchange phone number I say hi from time to time in a long time too thou...

In our relationship we don't really have that chance to hang out that much yet with each other (while at work) and really get to know each other yet. But when were around each other I know that we both can feel the vibe of appreciating each other company. (or it can just be the flirting flirt thangz)

Anyway it been couple month that I have see him and I have a friend who still work there with him. I happen to see him cause there work group went out and she was drunk and call me to pick her up. When we saw each other, I didn't yet hug him right away. was listening to my friend story. after the story I got up and hug him, instead of just hugging me he also give me a lilo snug lick on my neck and wouldn't let me go...im just like whaaaa?
What does this sign mean or...?
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