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How do you tell your girlfirend about your past/current crush..

heres the story I met a girl and fell in love with her.. she told me she wasn't intrested in anything but friendship.. this over the corse of the last year.. but I was still in love..

so I was hoping I could fall in love with my current girlfriend and forget about her..

yesterday I found out she just got engaged.. my heart is broken.. she's a past love but it hit me hard.. I don't know why but its effecting me more then usual

well My girlfriend is asking what's wrong.. why I'm so sad.. and wants me to tell her.. I told her I will tell her tomarrow.. when we meet in person..

but I'm so worried.. will she understand? how do I tell her I was still inlove with another girl..
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I had to be honest.. So I told her..

I told her I've had a crush on the girl since I met her.. That the girl only wanted to be friends. Then I told her she wanted to know why I was upset the otherday its because I found out she got engaged..

She said "im so sorry" and gave me a big hug.. I told her that people.. You guys.. told me not to tell her and that you guys said shed feel like a consolation prize.. I hugged her really tight and promised her she's not.. I was honest..
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and without that secret haunting me anymore I feel we acually got closer than we were befor.. :)
How do you tell your girlfirend about your past/current crush..
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