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How to deal with people you can't stand being in the same room with?

I have taken enough classes with this guy. We go to a college with a small student population. We're in the same field of study so I take lots of classes with him. This guy is such a piece of work. I avoid him but he is always making an ass of himself and he's nearly unavoidable.

He thinks he knows everything; he'll even correct the teacher and professor when he knows a minor detail they don't say during lectures. When he gives a presentation or speech, he pretends to be smarter than everybody when he really doesn't know what he's talking about, as he verbally masturbates himself with a geek language only he understands; he uses large sophisticated words only the writers of the webster dictionary know. And when I do identify these geeky words, they don't even tie into the actual topic at hand!

And when you call him out on his bullsh*t by proving him wrong, he gets really butt-hurt and holds a grudge against you for the longest time. Therefore not many people are willing to challenge him.

He thinks he's better than everybody at everything and brags about fighting skills. I always was told a real fighter never brags about his skills. Plus he's a real loose cannon, he'll explode out of no where and lose his temper.

He knows he's an ass hole, he prides himself on it.

But the worst part is the negative energy he brings wherever he goes. He has a lot of built up animosity. He makes everyone else around him negative too. He never has anything good to say about anything. Never seen him in a good mood before. And he's always got something to whine about, such as his "psycho bitch" ex wife. But ya know what, a girl has to be a total psycho bitch to fall in love with a guy like him.

Worst part is how many people seem to like this tool and respect him.

I want him to keep his distance from me, but if I antagonize him, I believe it might bring out his worst and he'll go out of his way to get in my face and try to bring me down to his level.
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I thought I submitted this to the Other section, not sexuality.
How to deal with people you can't stand being in the same room with?
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