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I don't know what I am doing with him. Can you guys please help me!

okay so I just started dating this guy lets call him bob. well bob nd I JUST bcame friends like even barely kno each other nd all of a sudden he ask me out but I was not to sure Because he sort of gives of that player vibe but he told me he don't care bout those other girls he says sooner or later you get tired of them "sluts" that he wants me that I am diff nd he would like a serious relationship with me an official since he said he never had. so I said yes. now he is going away for the break so I barely saw him in school nd I am not going to c him for a month so its sort of diff for me. now he is the type that just flirts with the girls he is very social. nd I confronted him that I just don't trust him nd well he gets pissed saying how would you feel if you were in a relationship where the other person does not trust you that he really likes me but I looked at his fb the other day nd there was a pic of some sort of model nd he said " you can wife her but ima pipe her, who is she by the way I've been lurking this pic for a min now" nd he wrote that while me nd him were having a conversation I saw this on newsfeed was this appropriate from him. but then again he wanted other people to kno I was his girlfriend nd set the relationship status on fb nd his friends were like congratulations nd w/e I just don't kno if he really is serious with me..but he keeps telling me that I should not b like that bout questioning him bout other girls Because he is not like that. but he always ends up adding girls on fb the ones he just met. am I overreacting? I mean he took everything fast but he says " I kno what I want nd that is u" just can't trust him tho..should I still give him a try?
I don't know what I am doing with him. Can you guys please help me!
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