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"It feels more personal" - what does this mean?

I'm sleeping with someone at work who is higher up than me and just over twice my age... thing is I've developed feelings for this guy even though I still love my ex-boyfriend (who wants me back, but he was the one who broke up with me)

anyways this guy is just a friend with benefits really...and he made it obvious in the beginning that this was just a little fun, but I've told him how I now have feelings for him, and he can see how he has messed up my head...he texts me every day... he rang me after work the other day to see if I was OK, he was saying things like "I wish I was there for you" when me and my boyfriend broke up... but he mentions how he doesn't feel the same way about me but... a) one time when he was drunk he started cuddling me and thanking me that I came over he was saying I make feel happy and relaxed and I asked why, and he just said "I think you know why"... b)One time when we were having sex... after I told him I feel attached to him he said "your right its a bit more than f***ing sometimes" and the last time I was at his... half way through he said that this night was different and that it feels more personal... what does this mean? or anything else? someone help? well confused.. sorry for ranting... he told me not to fall for him, which I did... but what's his deal...?

"It feels more personal" - what does this mean?
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