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So I confessed to my "one that got away" and she hasn't replied yet?

i posted earlier, and I got a question. it was anonymous, so if you looked over it, I sent this to the girl I've had the most feelings for. (didn't know what category to put this in)

"i have a confession... its been too long, I've been buried by some feelings I had, and I left a lot of things unanswered which just left me confused in the end. truth is, I blame myself for the silence, since there's always another perspective to a story, id like to hear yours."

i choose to be lame and send her a message, since we don't have each others number anymore. I woke up today and simply couldn't take it any longer. I figured the damaged had been done, what's the worst that could come out of this situation? I lose her again, well I'm not even to the point to have her again, so I don't give a flyin f@&%.

now for the important part. I'm waiting to hear back from her as of right now. I feel like all day would have been enough time to reply I don't want to wait no longer than late tonight to say anything (yet wasting time has kept us here for so long on a positive note).

i'm stuck between a rock and a hard surface. I am contemplating between just sending one last message "sorry : /" or idk.. what do you think? my other option from my perspective is to leave it, wait and see if she does anything even subtle to let me know (since I've seen it before). if she's brave enough to respond at all id be relieved, so far we have been wasting time, I don't like it, we just gotta have something more or nothing at all. in the end I can always give her space and wait, that's one thing I have had with her is patience. <3
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lets say she doesn't respond back within the next few days? "Sorry, I always feel I have to make amends, and nothing I plan on ever turns out the way I planned" ?!?!?!?
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she gave me a reply late last night, soon after I passed out, woke up this morning,

her- "what"

that was the scariest thing she could have replied for me, now I have to devulge more, how far do I let her inside my head before I should say stop and realize she can't ever understand
So I confessed to my "one that got away" and she hasn't replied yet?
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